Maschhoff Transport Receives Prestigious Award

Maschhoff Transport proudly received a very deserving second place, Class 3, plaque by the Illinois Truckers Association (ITA) for recognition of “Outstanding Achievement in Highway Safety”. Class 3 compared the accident rate per million miles of trucking companies that traveled between 1 to 4 million miles in 2022. Maschhoff Transport’s rate for 2022 was 0.31, in comparison, the national average is 0.74. The previous calendar year, Maschhoff Transport received a third place plaque for Outstanding Achievement.  

These awards cannot be achieved without the continuous hard work of the entire team of power washers, mechanics, supervisors and above all dedicated drivers. This hard work has not only resulted in this recognition, but more importantly provided us with an exceptional CSA score on a national level. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rates all trucking companies in the country; the scores are based on a zero to 100% scale. Zero indicates the best performance and 100 indicates the worse performance. There are seven different categories the FMCSA scores trucking companies on:

  1. Unsafe Driving
  2. Crash Indicator
  3. Hours of Service
  4. Vehicle Maintenance
  5. Controlled Substance
  6. Alcohol, Hazardous Materials Compliance
  7. Driver Finess

In five out of the seven categories Maschhoff Transport had a 0% rating. Maschhoff Transport’s Unsafe Driving is 8%, and Crash Rating is 3%. When we see 8% in unsafe driving, this means that 92% of all trucking companies in our category have worse scores than Maschhoff Transport.

Outstanding numbers for an outstanding team. If you happen to see one of our drivers, mechanics, or power washers, please take the time to thank them for their effort.