The Maschhoffs Honors Sarah Stoutner with 2021 Core Values Award

Each year, since 2011, The Maschhoffs recognizes an employee who has displayed the company core values through key business decisions and leadership actions. The Core Values award is a prestigious honor that recognizes the outstanding commitment of a single individual. This year’s winner is Sarah Stoutner, Director of Production.

Jeff Mahoney, General Manager of the Central Prairie Region, notes that Stoutner makes everybody in the region better including himself as a leader. He believes passionately that she represents the company’s core values and embraces accountability. Just as important, her commitment to people is a shining example for the entire company.

 “Sarah embodies our core values. She truly cares about her people, and is an inspiration of work-life balance,” Dr. Bradley Wolter illustrates. “Her passion for developing her people is astounding. She has gone to great lengths in the last 12 months to embrace every people development tool introduced and served as a role model of implementation. She is resourceful at every level, leverages her team accordingly and exceeds customer expectations.”

Aside from Sarah, The Maschhoffs had an astounding 45 finalists for 2021: 

  • Aaron Kobus
  • Arely Sanchez Myers
  • Ashlyn Jerding
  • Brent Sexton
  • Caroline Hicks
  • Chris Holle
  • Cody Anderson
  • Daniel Miller
  • Danielle Solis
  • Darren Housberg
  • Derek Mayberry
  • Drew Hesker
  • Erika Niemann
  • Francisco J Moreno
  • Ian Brooke
  • Jamie Harris
  • Jason Buss
  • Jeffrey Mahoney
  • Jennifer Wedgworth
  • Jeramy Adams
  • Jocelyn Bishop
  • Joey Soncksen
  • John Hatterman
  • Joshua Murnahan
  • Kayla Henness
  • Kevin Van Dyke
  • Kim Foppe
  • Kristy Johnson
  • Lacey Knodle
  • Lauren Meyer
  • Lee Liggett
  • Luke Tebbe
  • Marty McCombs
  • Matt Lehmann
  • Nancy Rhoads
  • Phillip Clark
  • Randy Bowman
  • Rebecca Shaw
  • Rick Boomgaarden
  • Steve Bremer
  • Steve Spicer
  • Teri Foster
  • Todd Peebles
  • Tricia Jansen
  • Whitney Johnson