At The Maschhoffs, we don’t think of hog manure as “waste.” In fact, it’s just the opposite.

The manure produced on our farms and our Production Partners’ farms is a source of rich nutrients, which are used to fertilize row crops, like corn. Corn fertilized by that manure is then harvested and fed back to our herd. It’s a great example of a sustainable nutrient cycle in action.

Despite the sustainable value of hog manure, we realize the odor concerns that come with application. That’s why our Environmental Team applies manure from our company-owned farms via dragline injection, where possible. With this application method, manure is injected directly into the soil. The same application implement also uses a system of coulters to push soil back over the injection trench. As a result, odor is kept to a minimum.

By injecting manure into the soil, the corn plant is able to fully utilize the nutrients from the manure. With this sustainable source of nutrients, we are able to offset some of the need for synthetic fertilizers, which are derived from natural gas and other sources that require intensive mining practices.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss Maschhoff Environmental's consultation services, please email environmental@pigsrus.net