A lot of pig production companies refer to their contract farmers as “growers.” At The Maschhoffs, we approach this relationship differently. It’s a true partnership between two families – the Maschhoff family and your family. That’s why we refer to the family farmers who raise pigs on our behalf as “Production Partners.”

We are always looking for Production Partners who want to grow their family business. Here are just a few of the top reasons farmers choose to partner with The Maschhoffs.

  • Bring the next generation back to the farm.
  • Add revenue to your business, with minimal risk.
  • Take comfort in knowing that you will be compensated accurately and on-time.
  • Manure is a great way to offset your fertilizer costs.

In a typical Production Partner arrangement for a new barn, The Maschhoffs provides a long-term contract that will match the length of your loan. Production Partners are paid a monthly base rate for the use of their barn. In addition to this base rate, we have a number of incentive programs that provide an opportunity to boost your overall compensation. Our overarching goal is to ensure family farms and rural economies continue to be viable long into the future.

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Growing the Family Farm

After returning to the family farm in 2009, Caleb knew he would have to grow the business to pursue his passion full-time.

Volatile grain prices and a booming land market made it tough to expand the row-crop operation. With a baby on the way, Caleb and wife Tarcie decided to explore contract hog production to add an income stream to their family farm. They chose to partner with The Maschhoffs on a new wean-to-finish hog barn, which was completed in 2016.