Celebrating the Successful Infrastructure Upgrade at Gothenburg Feed Mill!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Weeke Electric, the leader in electrical components, for their invaluable expertise and dedication throughout this endeavor. Working hand in hand with them, we forged a fruitful partnership with Common Wealth Electric, a local organization deeply committed to the Gothenburg, NE area. These two electrical contractors worked to upgrade the electrical components of the mill and install a new automated feed batching control system supplied by Easy Automation, Inc.  Together, we have achieved something truly remarkable!

The project spanned 19 days from Filling the bins at the farms before the shutdown to upgrading the batching system to playing catch-up after the batcher was running. The actual upgrade took 5 days from shut down to batching feed again. There were 6 electricians and low voltage technicians plus 3 IT technicians (Mark Feldmann and April Viehmann from The Maschhoffs and Brent Grawe with Model Technologies) and one engineer from Easy Automation on site the whole time. In addition, we had 3 millwrights in house working on the 8th floor. “If you have ever seen our control room you would understand how crowded things were with 10 people needing to get into a 9’ by 9’ room, reflects Bob Jorgenson, Mill Manager.

Over the course of eight intensive days, our teams worked tirelessly to produce enough feed to sustain our operations during the upgrade. Not a single pig went without the nourishment they needed. This accomplishment exemplifies our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our animals and the farmers who rely on us.

This comprehensive project, from planning to implementation, has been a collaborative effort spanning more than nine months. It involved meticulous planning, resource allocation, and the unwavering determination of all involved parties. We commend the hard work, dedication, and expertise of every individual who contributed to the success of this project.

The completion of the infrastructure upgrade included, an upgraded batcher, upgraded circa 1974 relay technology to current VFDs and programmable controllers, upgraded 10+ year old IT hardware and replaced a head pulley on our main pellet leg. We are now better equipped to serve our customers with the highest quality feed products, maintaining our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.

As we move forward, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, continually striving to enhance our operations and exceed customer expectations. Together, we will continue shape the future of the feed industry.

Thank you all for your hard work and relentless dedication. Here's to a bright and prosperous future for the Gothenburg Feed Mill!