The Maschhoffs Honors Paul Ayers with 2024 Core Values Award

Carlyle, IL (April 22, 2024) — Each year, since 2011, The Maschhoffs recognize an employee who has displayed the company core values through key business decisions and leadership actions. The Core Values award is a prestigious honor that recognizes the outstanding commitment of a single individual. This year’s winner is Paul Ayers, Animal Care Manager.

The company core values are how The Maschhoffs operate, collaborate, and identify. The below set of values serve as an authentic reflection of the company culture. They define how employees collaborate with one another, care for the animals, engage with the community, and serve customers.

  • Relationship: Our employees and partners are foundational to our family, business, and we are committed to their safety and success.
  • Stewardship: We believe in the preservation of the family farm and our natural resources, and care deeply about our animals and the environment.
  • Service: We strive to exceed customer expectations and positively impact our communities.
  • Progress: We will improve daily through our dedication to building and implementing knowledge while operating with a disciplined approach.

Amy Maschhoff, Director of Health, notes that “Paul Ayers is a dedicated member of the Maschhoff team for nearly 15 years. He exemplifies our core values through his unwavering commitment to excellence.” As a leader, Paul has adapted seamlessly to changing directives and initiatives within the company, demonstrating his versatility and creativity. His steadfast focus on upholding the highest standards in animal care and welfare has been instrumental in ensuring our company's success, even amidst organizational shifts. Paul's proactive approach to embracing new responsibilities, such as managing sustainability reports and system improvements, showcases his innovative thinking and dedication to progress. “His ability to foster strong relationships both internally and externally, coupled with his continual pursuit of improvement, makes him a deserving candidate for the Core Values Award.” 

Teri Foster, VP of People & Culture, adds that “everything Paul does is through the lens of helping people be better stewards of our animals and the business. Paul partnered with others across the business to bring to life a celebration of our efforts around sustainability and best practices in the stewardship of our resources.  As if this weren't enough, Paul kept up with his day job as Animal Care Manager and found time to dedicate to sharing his passion and knowledge at industry events.  Paul is a shining example of what it means to live our core values and he does so in a very humble and authentic way. 

Aside from Paul, The Maschhoffs had an astounding 44 finalists for 2024:

  • Aaron Acosta Martinez
  • Aaron Kobus
  • Alan Lennon
  • Ashley Johannes
  • Ashlyn Jerding
  • Celso Ramos Cruz
  • Chad Ruzich
  • Chris Holle
  • Danny Miller
  • Darren Housberg
  • Drew Hesker
  • Elden Diaz
  • Ella Akin
  • Elwood 1
  • Emmalee Haege
  • Ethan Sidwell
  • Evelyn Thady
  • Fernando Ocana
  • Gina Bennet
  • Jaime Castelán
  • Jared Tebbe
  • Jeanne Jordan
  • Jeff Mahoney
  • Jessica Wendel
  • Joel Ramos
  • John Sonka
  • Katie Brown
  • Kayla Henness
  • Lauren Meyer
  • Leonardo Carreto
  • Lexi Ammann
  • Lindsey Kuhls
  • Maria del Rosario Oliver Arrieta
  • Mike Harris
  • Paul Ayers
  • Paul Josias
  • Rafael Diaz
  • Rebecca Keel
  • Ryan Patrick
  • Shelby Rensing
  • Steve Borrowman
  • Todd Peebles
  • Tyler Bauman
  • Tyler Frasher

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Left to right: Dr. Jay Miller (President & CEO), and Paul Ayers)

(A high-resolution photo is available via this link.)